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Our Story

 Action Media was officially formed on April 2nd, 2012 by Steve Dillingham and Michael Smith.


   Several years ago Steve and Michael began volunteering in the media department of a large church in southern Illinois. Both had a strong passion for media and over a course of a few years they were heavily involved in the operation of high end broadcast equipment at their church.


   Then the current video producer at that time and good friend of theirs took on a position at a larger church in Dallas, Texas which led to the hiring of Steve and Michael at the church they had been volunteering for the past few years. Both Steve and Michael still happily work at this church and love the job they get to do and the people they get to work with.


   So many people ask why they started Action Media when they already had jobs that they loved and the answer to that was simple! People usually get married on Saturdays and their employer makes them take that day off! Steve and Michael are PASSIONATE about the visual arts and they love to create, love to tell a story, love to have their hands on the equipment and see what they can make. It is passion that drives them and every time they start a new project they try to better themselves over the last.


   Steve and Michael can only hope that their passion can be seen through your product. When they hear a bride say that she loved the video, they get excited and get pumped up for the next. They want to stand out in the field of wedding videographers and bring an excellence that can be hard to find!



company details

Action Media, LLC

P.O. Box 26

Waltonville, IL  62894-0026

(618) 315-4739

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